Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rember the good old days when the only slime you had to worry about was from Ghostbusters?

Welcome to the latest installment of <cue Soul Train intro> ....The blog?  Calling this “a sidekicks tale” and talking about food and health doesn’t go well together.  I had a great intro started up and when I realized my title choices were “A-man-in-Tights” or “John-onball” neither seemed to mesh with a Soul Train intro.  Beyond that you’re here (fanfare), if you caught yesterday’s blog I mentioned today will be food day.  Now I’ve gone from being a fan of McDonalds to wanting to evict them from their newly remodeled building a 1/4  mile from my house.  Can you believe what they did to Grimace  Grimace?.....NNOoooooooo!!!!!  I think the Grimace meat just ran out and since they killed him off (literally, figuratively and all that noise) so they “decided” to announce they wouldn’t be using his remains any longer. Seriously first they give the details of the Mcnuggets (affectionately referred to as “nuggers” in our household up to last week) and now this pink slime.  Can I start a petition to un-occupy McDonalds?
Wow way to wonder off topic, give a person a keyboard and a blank piece of computer screen and watch him go, with Karate chop action at that.  But in reality I spent numerous years putting that stuff into my body because it was cheap, easy and faster than going to the grocery store and preparing things.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love to cook, very much the opposite.  I love to cook; I spent a few hundred bucks learning how to cook fancy things that I will probably not ever cook again because it’s a skill that I haven’t used in years.  Regardless a big portion of the slow carb diet revolves around food and knowing what you put into your body (hint not pink slime!)  Now I spent the first two weeks throwing things together and seeing what I liked as far as combination and spices go.  This week I decided to prepare everything on Sunday night.  That worked almost too easy in starting this blog and being able to have at least one topic to write about.  That being said here is the meal plan I used this week.
Breakfast 6:30am: Egg bake (Eggs <the title kind of gave that one away no?>, diced Turkey bacon, diced Turkey Sausage, Green peppers, Onions), 3 strips of peppered turkey bacon,  20 oz. glass of water, 1 cup-ish of broccoli on the side = TA DA!!!

Lunch #1 10:30am: Chili (Ground Turkey, Black beans (rinsed), Red Kidney beans (rinsed), Diced Tomatoes, sauerkraut) = TA DA take 2!!

Lunch #2 2:30pm: Salad (spinach base, black beans, diced onions, diced peppers, diced tomatoes, cilantro, and diced peppered chicken breast) with Balsamic Vinegar = TA DA take 3!!
<Picture 3>
Dinner 6:30pm: Bbq spice (from pampered chef) chicken, Asparagus, black beans. (I was rushing to get to the Metrodome last night for Rollerblading and didn’t get a picture of this….picture the ingredients…it’s pretty simple.)
That’s the meal plan this week, Monday to Friday I eat this.  I’ve been going 2.5 weeks now and as of my last measurement (I measure myself every Saturday Morning before cheat day starts) I had lost 4 inches from my navel and another 2 inches from my hips.  I suppose it would be beneficial to explain my body composition.  I had the opportunity to use a machine we have here at work that measure your body composition of skeleton, muscle and fat.  My skeleton mass weighed in at 138 pounds.  I was telling this to Sean and I typed in “so I really am big boned…lol.” he was kind enough to reply back “. . . that's what she said.”  That’s a great example of our relationship. LOL!  Anyway aside from my skeleton weighing more than a supermodel, it broke down what I could lose to reach about 10% body fat.  Basically my results came back that it’s feasible for me to lose up to 43% of my torso weight and a couple percentage points in each of my arms about  Basically .5% in each leg.  Most of this I already gathered but it was…interesting/nice to have that confirmed in a way. So you may be wondering what I’ve done with weight loss.  Honestly, I have no clue.  I made the mistake of not weighing myself until after I had started and I was wearing boots and had pocket full of wallet, phone, keys etc.  So I decided to skip the weight until after the first month and then start fresh with a weigh in and go from there.  One last interesting thing is I DID measure my resting heart rate.  The heart rate on the 10th of January was 73 Beats per minute.  When I measured it 3 weeks later on the 31st it was at 66 beats per minute. (I do try to measure everything at the same time to give myself a reference and checkpoints.)
So some of the changes are definitely noticeable, I can take a 15 min walk for lunch and not feel like I’m breathing as hard, I definitely do have more energy overall and I had planned to incorporate kettle bell into my week this week but I just didn’t do it and after the roller skating on Monday and Wednesday I had enough energy to put the kids to sleep and fall into bed myself.  Tonight’s adventure includes a guy’s night with Sean and Luis.  I haven’t seen the two of them at the same time since trail of terror back in October so it’ll be good to have all of us in the same room, much B.S’ing will ensure I have no doubt.  No teaser for tomorrow, but I have something fun planned if you join in.  Until then, Cheers!

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